Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day is the time of year when we all rush out and buy flowers and a mushy pink card for our mothers. I followed this tradition. But I have to say, that for some reason, this year, it meant so much more to me.

I feel like now that I am an "adult" that I relate to my mother, not just as the woman who put a band aid on my cuts, but a powerful and independent woman, from whom I can learn so much. And when I started thinking about what my mother has taught me about being a good student, and a dedicated person, I also started thinking about what she has taught me about being a mother and wife.

I am excited to see what my friendship with my mother will teach me in the future.

I love you mom. And I am the best person I could be because you and our family!

I am also so thankful for how blessed my family is - Jackie and I both have jobs, our parents are all in relatively good health. I think this year is going to be good.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Theatre Banquet 2010

Last night was the UT Arlington 2009-2010 Theatre Banquet. I thought it went beautifully. I had no idea what I was doing, but because of the amazing and passionate people that I live/work/study with, everything came together like magic.

5 people got together, with leadership from our faculty advisor, and pulled off what I have been told was one of the best banquets yet.

The live ScoShow was beautiful and expressive and exactly what we all needed last night. The awards went to most deserving people. All except one.

Yes I work hard for my department. I love my department. And as thankful as I am for winning the Bragg Award, Lisa Marie deserves so much for what she does for all of us. This banquet would have been nothing without her. Our department would be lost! There aren't enough words to express how awesome and talented and amazing she is, so I will stop there.

Lisa Marie, you deserve so much. And next year, I will make SURE you win that award!

I love you all!